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1Galectin-3 acts as an angiogenic switch to induce tumor angiogenesis via Jagged-1/Notch activation
Sofia Nascimento dos Santos,Helen Sheldon,Jonathas Xavier Pereira,Christopher Paluch,Esther M Bridges,Márcia Curry El-Cheikh,Adrian L Harris,Emerson Soares Bernardes
2Galectin-3 Regulates the Expression of Tumor Glycosaminoglycans and Increases the Metastatic Potential of Breast Cancer
Jonathas Xavier Pereira,Sofia Nascimento dos Santos,Thaís Canuto Pereira,Mariana Cabanel,Roger Chammas,Felipe Leite de Oliveira,Emerson Soares Bernardes,Márcia Cury El-Cheikh
Journal of Oncology.2019;2019(30)1
3Targeting human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 enhances radiosensitivity and reduces the metastatic potential of Lewis lung carcinoma cells
Yun Tien,Chiao-Ling Tsai,Wei-Hsien Hou,Yun Chiang,Feng-Ming Hsu,Yu-Chieh Tsai,Jason Chia-Hsien Cheng
Radiation Oncology.2020;15(1)1
4Loss of Dnmt3a and Dnmt3b does not affect epidermal homeostasis but promotes squamous transformation through PPAR-?
Lorenzo Rinaldi,Alexandra Avgustinova,Mercè Martín,Debayan Datta,Guiomar Solanas,Neus Prats,Salvador Aznar Benitah
5Automated Gleason grading of prostate cancer tissue microarrays via deep learning
Eirini Arvaniti,Kim S. Fricker,Michael Moret,Niels Rupp,Thomas Hermanns,Christian Fankhauser,Norbert Wey,Peter J. Wild,Jan H. Rüschoff,Manfred Claassen
Scientific Reports.2018;8(1)1
6Critical role of RAGE and HMGB1 in inflammatory heart disease
Anna Bangert,Martin Andrassy,Anna-Maria Müller,Mariella Bockstahler,Andrea Fischer,Christian H. Volz,Christoph Leib,Stefan Göser,Sevil Korkmaz-Icöz,Stefan Zittrich,Andreas Jungmann,Felix Lasitschka,Gabriele Pfitzer,Oliver J. Müller,Hugo A. Katus,Ziya Kaya
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.2016;113(2)E155
7Infection Patterns Induced in Naive Adult Woodchucks by Virions of Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus Collected during either the Acute or Chronic Phase of Infection
Natalia Freitas,Tetyana Lukash,Louise Rodrigues,Sam Litwin,Bhaskar V. Kallakury,Stephan Menne,Severin O. Gudima,G. McFadden
Journal of Virology.2015;89(17)8749
8Infection Patterns Induced in Naive Adult Woodchucks by Virions of Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus Collected during either the Acute or Chronic Phase of Infection
Peter J. Schüffler,Qing Zhong,Peter J. Wild,Thomas J. Fuchs
Journal of Virology.2017;89(17)263
9The RNA binding protein CPEB2 regulates hormone sensing in mammary gland development and luminal breast cancer
Rosa Pascual,Judit Martín,Fernando Salvador,Oscar Reina,Veronica Chanes,Alba Millanes-Romero,Clara Suñer,Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda,Anna Bartomeu,Yi-Shuian Huang,Roger R. Gomis,Raúl Méndez
Science Advances.2020;6(20)eaax3868
10Clustered nuclei splitting based on recurrent distance transform in digital pathology images
Lukasz Roszkowiak,Anna Korzynska,Dorota Pijanowska,Ramon Bosch,Marylene Lejeune,Carlos Lopez
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing.2020;2020(1)eaax3868
11Automatic single cell segmentation on highly multiplexed tissue images
Peter J. Schüffler,Denis Schapiro,Charlotte Giesen,Hao A. O. Wang,Bernd Bodenmiller,Joachim M. Buhmann
Cytometry Part A.2015;87(10)936
12Myeloid p38a signaling promotes intestinal IGF -1 production and inflammation-associated tumorigenesis
Catrin Youssif,Monica Cubillos-Rojas,Mònica Comalada,Elisabeth Llonch,Cristian Perna,Nabil Djouder,Angel R Nebreda
EMBO Molecular Medicine.2018;10(7)936
13Seasonal and Sexual Differences in the Microbiota of the Hoopoe Uropygial Secretion
Sonia Rodríguez-Ruano,Manuel Martín-Vivaldi,Juan Peralta-Sánchez,Ana García-Martín,Ángela Martínez-García,Juan Soler,Eva Valdivia,Manuel Martínez-Bueno
14IQM: An Extensible and Portable Open Source Application for Image and Signal Analysis in Java
Philipp Kainz,Michael Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber,Helmut Ahammer,Lennart Martens
PLOS ONE.2015;10(1)e0116329
15Metronomic chemotherapy offsets HIFa induction upon maximum-tolerated dose in metastatic cancers
Luana Schito,Sergio Rey,Ping Xu,Shan Man,William Cruz-Muñoz,Robert S Kerbel
EMBO Molecular Medicine.2020;10(1)e0116329
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